Idiots in Nebraska want Teachers in Shootouts with Students
January 19, 2011 Crime

Demonstrating a level of intellect only seen in state legislators and suicidal lemmings, Nebraska state senator Mark Christensen has introduced a bill into the Nebraska state legislature to authorize teachers to carry concealed handguns in schools. Apparently Senator Christensen feels that arming teachers to gun down students will help keep the students safer.

I would like to write a lengthy response analyzing the pros and cons of this issue, but dinner is almost ready and I’m hungry. So instead of being analytical, I’ll just share a video with our readers to remind everyone of one of the reasons you don’t want teachers carrying pistols. You see, people who advocate such laws often forget that teachers can lose their sanity as quickly as anyone else in the population. In fact, given the stresses of their job, the possibility of a teacher flipping out on a student is probably one of the biggest risks to a child’s safety. Think it doesn’t happen? Then you’ve forgotten about the clip at the end of this article. If for some reason it doesn’t display on your computer, you can also view it from another article where it seems to display better for some reason. See the video below, and tell me whether you think this teacher needed to be carrying a gun:

Teacher beats student

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