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September 17, 2010
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I apologize for the scarcity of posts on this site over the last few months. One of the reasons the Stubborn Writer site has been neglected recently is that I’ve added a new website to the list of sites where I write, and it has taken some time to adjust to the new responsibilities along with everything else I try to do in a day. A few weeks ago I became the new Law Guide for, with the assigned task of writing a website about issues that are of interest to lawyers in their professional careers. Not long after starting the site, we changed the name from Law to Law Practice Management, in keeping with what was already the site’s primary focus.

While this commitment may seem like a bad sign for the Stubborn Writer website, it is actually just another step in the right direction. I have been interested in writing for for many years, and writing a website for lawyers is right up my alley. The opportunity was too good to pass up.

The new Law Practice Management website is located at While it is a more serious website than this one and won’t have articles like Why Your Lawyer Won’t Return Your Phone Calls or Black Robe Disease, it will have substantive articles that will be helpful to lawyers on a practical level. Some of the topics covered include law practice management, law firm marketing, law office technology, legal ethics, and other issues to help lawyers in their work.

So the Stubborn Writer had to go to the backburner for a while, but the good news is that Stubborn Writer will be an active site again soon. Some design upgrades are being implemented, which will be followed with plenty of snarky posts about whatever happens to annoy or interest me. Also, we will finally be launching that product line we promised months ago, so keep an eye out for how you can buy your own Stubborn Writer gear.  Big things are on the way!

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