Teacher beats student: Sherri Davis at Jamie’s House Charter School
May 13, 2010 Crime

Teacher beats student but gets caught on videotape; Sherri Davis at Jamie’s House Charter School

At Jamie’s House Charter School in Houston, teasing another student may cause you to get an ass-kicking.  From the teacher.

Science teacher Sherri Davis of Jamie’s House Charter School was recently caught on video beating Isaiah Johnson.  Johnson, age 13, apparently angered Ms. Davis by teasing another student in the class, resulting in the student beating depicted in the videoclip at the end of this article.  Some reports indicate that the student being teased was handicapped.  The incident was captured on a cell phone videocamera by student Janiqua Johnson.  Ms. Davis, age 40, is a special education teacher.

In the clip, the student can be seen backed into a corner by the teacher.  The teacher apparently snaps, and begins hitting and kicking the child.  The incident includes an assortment of strikes on the child, including hitting his head against the wall near the end of the clip.  At no point does anyone try to stop the violent assault on the student.

The school initially placed Ms. Davis on administrative leave in late April, but terminated her employment on May 10 once they saw the cell phone video.  They are also investigating the lack of intervention of other teachers who were apparently present during the incident.  At the end of the clip, there is a brief moment where other adults appear to be in the room watching Ms. Davis beat the student.

Here’s a tip for teachers: no matter how frustrated or angry you may get with a student, it is not permissible to kick him in the ribs or slam his head into a wall.  Just don’t do it.  And if you are a teacher and you see another teacher going psycho and beating up a student, how about getting off your ass and stopping it?

I used to think that parents who homeschooled their children were crazy.  But with the continual decline of the American educational system, coupled with students not even being safe from physical harm from the teachers, I’m starting to rethink my position. You think I’m overreacting? Watch the video of the teacher beating up her student, and then tell me what you think.

The video is here:

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  2. Picking on a handicapped person is one of the few reasons that a person should get their ass kicked. We need more teachers like this!

  3. I’m with Danielle!! YaY for teacher!!!! Go Girl!! we NEED more teachers like her to STOP THE BULLYING!!!!!!!

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