Ignore this post, we are just kicking the tires of the design
February 3, 2010 Site Upgrades
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This is a test post to kick the tires of our new website, which is still under development.  We are working on the design to implement graphics, video, images, and advertisements (we gotta pay for it somehow). Once it is completed, we hope to be informative, controversial, sometimes offensive, occasionally funny, and always correct.  Look for our articles on news events, politics, legal developments, scandals, and anything else we think might draw you in as a reader.

Part of the test is to figure out ways to integrate various advertising tools into the system. We don’t want to overwhelm people with ads, since the primary goal of this site is just to provide some entertaining reading. However, we never object to picking up a little extra cash, so we want to integrate advertising into the articles in a way that is relevant without being a nuisance. Let us know how we are doing  if you happen to visit the site while we are still figuring out these fancy tools.

Why, as a reader, do you even care? You don’t, unless we make the ads overwhelming and distracting.  I’m just writing this because I need to create multiple paragraphs to experiment with ad placement and blog design. As your ex-girlfriend said when she dumped you, this isn’t about you.

If you’ve read this far, then you’ve really got too much time on your hands – making you our target audience. We hope that you’ll come again soon so we can show you what this site is all about. If you come back this weekend, we should have something fun and entertaining for you to read. See you soon!

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